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Hello and welcome to my site of adopts. My name is Mary and I am a mother of two boys and make sigs in my spare time. I also draw bodies. Here you will find my sigs that are up for adopt at delphi forums! I hope that you find something that you like! Please be kind and do not steal!!! If you wish to purchase heads or sets for adopts let me know.

If you want to purchase the heads below email me


Let me know which heads and I will send you an invoice for them.

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I do ONE request per person per day. *NOT per forum*

Please give HEAD choice and Name or request will NOT be filled.

Requests from separate forums in the same day is not allowed.



 "All signatures I make are free and for non -profit use, only to be used for personal free websites and email/forum signatures. Any other use is prohibited.
Please note: If you are the artist whose original art that any of the dollz I use is based off/inspired by and you do not wish me to use your artwork... Please email me privately stating that you wish the removal of the specified doll, and it will be immediately taken down.
Any others please be respectful and DO NOT complain to me about the dollz that I use. Some were made by others and were freely shared with me by their makers to use in signatures." If you have nothing better to do than cause trouble PLEASE do it elsewhere as all artists in delphi spend many hours making FREE signatures for people who can not make them for themselves. This is purely for FUN and for NOTHING else.
send email to heads@justsillyolpoohssigs.fanspace.com with details for faster processing.



Before ordering heads please read all info on Shopping page for heads FIRST.

2007 Head set on sale now

If you want a chance to WIN free heads sets or special sigs then click on the sun..to play games and brighten your chances of winning!!!!!!!!! Good luck!



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 special heads available only at FF forum